Plans: 2016

For friends/ anyone who's curious,

Sorry for the break in communication. I've been fighting the dreadful plague that's been going around. And prior to that, I was busy working on a few things. So it's been a while, and I felt the need to share what's ahead for The Wax Girl.

1. Plans are being made to write and record new music in the new year. Some details are still a bit blurry, but that's not stopping me from setting things in motion. I do know that I'll be starting in March. I can hardly wait. I wish I could start sooner, but that's the way it's going to have to be. But if all goes well, The Wax Girl's sophomore album might be finished and released by this time next year. That is the goal.

As for the time between now and March, things are looking somewhat like this:

(i). The Wax Girl will be going into hibernation, getting some much needed rest and gearing up to be fully immersed in creating new music throughout 2016.

(ii). Alex will be trying to figure out how to build a time machine.


(iv). If Alex doesn't succeed at (ii), at least he'll have (iii) to help pass the time.

2. I'm working on improving my website as my internet 'headquarters', and my newsletter to get updates and exclusive content directly to you. With social media sites like Facebook becoming much less effective as a means of communication for independent artists/ bands these days, I realize the importance of putting more emphasis on my own portion of internet space (which will always be here, regardless of trends that are happening elsewhere).

So if you haven't already subscribed to my newsletter, I strongly recommend that you do. I promise not to spam your inbox, and as a bonus, you'll receive a free unreleased track with your subscription. Note: the download link will be sent to your inbox along with your subscription confirmation.

3. Best wishes for the remainder of 2015 and in the new year. Please be safe wherever you are.

-The Wax Girl

Posted by anosmic on November 18, 2015

Unmitigated Joy

'Onwards' is available today, and I couldn't be more thrilled to share it with you.

The official video, directed by the wonderfully talented Edward Platero (, is being premiered by my good friends at Ride the Tempo, here:…/05/premiere-listen-wax-girl-onwa…/

By purchasing/downloading 'Onwards', you'll not only receive the track, but you'll also get an alternate, unreleased video. Most importantly, all proceeds will be going to the Canadian Mental Health Association.

You can get it all here:

Thank you everyone, for making this release possible.


Posted by anosmic on August 5, 2015

Update: Onwards

A big heartfelt thanks to those who have reached out and sent me messages of love and condolences throughout the past few weeks. It's been a difficult time, to say the least, but I've drawn large doses of strength from your words. I'm now taking steps in an attempt to turn the page. The following happens to be one of those steps... I'll be releasing 'Onwards' next week, on Wednesday, August 5th. It will be available via bandcamp for 'name-your-own-price'. All proceeds will be donated to CMHA (Canadian Mental Health Association). I can't emphasize enough how passionate I am about this. Let's shatter the stigma of mental illness, once and for all. Any donations/ help spreading the word will be appreciated beyond measure. Infinite gratitude for your gigantic hearts, AW

Posted by anosmic on July 28, 2015

For Anyone Who Cares

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the release of 'Onwards' has been postponed indefinitely.

I'm shattered by the sudden loss of a dear friend.

I need to take some time, to deal with the ensuing grief and shock, and to properly pay my respects to the life of a wonderful person, who left this planet way too young at the hands of depression. A line seriously needs to be drawn, and the stigma of mental illness has to stop.

I hope you'll understand that it would feel very wrong for me to release music next week, as I had originally planned. And setting another release date just isn't a priority for me right now.

I'll release 'Onwards' once I feel like myself again, whenever that may be. Thank you for your support and patience as I navigate this difficult time.

Hope all is well out there. If not, please don't bottle it up. There is no shame in talking about it.



Posted by anosmic on July 7, 2015

Dear Friends

Hey friends,

Just thought I'd let you know that I'll be releasing a brand new single called ONWARDS in the coming weeks. There will also be a video. You can watch a preview for it below. Hope you are all keeping well. I can't wait to share my latest music with you. More details soon. -The Wax Girl

Posted by anosmic on June 24, 2015

B-side Screens

Hey friends,

I can never say thank you enough for all the wonderful support and encouragement you've given me through my first two releases, so today I'm releasing 'B-side Screens' for free.

It contains ten demos in all their unpolished glory, with no shortage of mistakes, plenty of digital artifacts and enough 60 Hz hum to take you to the moon and back (you've been warned, in case that actually does happen). Each demo has been dusted off and recovered from the murky, cobweb-ridden attic where they were left behind during the cathartic days of recording 'Anosmic' and 'Between Screens'.

Also included: remixes by Tunnel At The End Of The Light and musicformessier. My warmest regards to both for their stunning contributions, and for making my remix experiment a success.

You can get the whole ball of wax, here:

With much gratitude (and way too much caffeine this morning, or perhaps, not enough),


Posted by anosmic on April 10, 2015


Between Screens is now available on iTunes, here:

Plus: I'm having wishful thoughts of making a limited run of physical copies. Please let me know if you would be interested.

Posted by anosmic on March 13, 2015

Donation #2

A vast thank you to everyone who has purchased my music.

Posted by anosmic on February 24, 2015

Two Ideas That I'd Like To Bridge Together

1. A few people have contacted me recently, expressing their interest in remixing my music.

2. I've been thinking about releasing an album containing B-sides and demos from the time that I spent working on both Anosmic EP and Between Screens.

The working title is B-side Screens. I've made a cover for it too.

Here's the plan:

I've posted 'stems' on my website for two songs. Nuclear Winter and Broken Space.

You are invited to download the stems. Load them into your favourite music-making program (or 'DAW' for audio nerds like myself). Reverse the guitars. Chop the drums. Time-stretch the bass over the span of an entire hour. Make the songs better. Or make them worse. Do whatever you wish.

Once you are finished, you can send your remix to me.

There's a chance that I might include your remix on B-side Screens.

Everything you need to participate is on my new 'remix' page, here:

I'm interested in seeing what comes of this. Hopefully you are too.

Have fun,


P.S. Being mindful of copyright issues, my only request is that my stems are used solely for the purpose of remixing my songs. Please do not include any material that you do not have the legal right to exploit.

Posted by anosmic on February 19, 2015

Between Screens Is Available Now... And A New Video

I am proud to present my debut album 'Between Screens'.

You can order it here:

You can stream it here:

I am also delighted to announce that Echoes and Dust is premiering my new video for my song 'Nuclear Winter'.

You can view it here:

Much love,


Posted by anosmic on February 10, 2015

Pre-Order Between Screens

My debut album Between Screens is one week away from being released into the ether.

You can pre-order it here:

Posted by anosmic on February 3, 2015

Daniel Lanois Remix Contest

I recently submitted a remix of Daniel Lanois' 'Sioux Lookout' for a remix contest hosted by

Votes will be greatly appreciated.

You can listen here.


Posted by anosmic on December 22, 2014

Between Screens

Announcing my debut full-length album.

'Between Screens' will be released on February 10, 2015.

It will feature ten tracks, all of which were written, recorded and produced at my studio, in Toronto.

Listen to new track 'Conflict' here:

Posted by anosmic on November 26, 2014

Donation #1

Thank you to everyone who has made a contribution.

Love always,


Posted by anosmic on August 20, 2014

Anosmic Is Now Available

Anosmic is now officially available.

I'm very excited to share it with you all.

Get it here:


Posted by anosmic on August 8, 2014 Music Hangout This Friday!

Really looking forward to chatting with Manny J, this Friday, August 8th at 3:30pm EDT for's Music Hangout.

Watch live and ask questions, here:

You can also watch it live, and afterwards, here:

Posted by anosmic on August 6, 2014

Anosmic Anomaly

I just received a long-awaited shipment of fifty hand-numbered, shrink wrapped, limited edition, compact disc copies of 'Anosmic'.

Only problem: two copies have mysteriously gone missing.

Whoever has them doesn't need to feel any more special, so I'm going to keep their copies anonymous.

The factory has offered to press two replacement editions, so I've decided that those two will be unmarked anomalies. Reason being, I'd rather preserve the authenticity of each numbered edition.

The two anomalies will only be sold after the original fifty. I will be sure to let you know, if either of them happens to be yours.

Thank you to everyone who has pre-ordered 'Anosmic' so far. You'll be receiving your edition in the mail soon.


Posted by anosmic on August 1, 2014

Twitter Contest

Yesterday, I began a contest on Twitter, here.

I felt it was necessary to outline the rules, so here they are.

Terms and Conditions
1. To enter contest, retweet this link:
2. Contest is open to anyone who is following @TheWaxGirlMusic
3. Deadline is Monday, August 4, 2014 at 1:00pm (EST)
4. Winner will be randomly selected from a hat on Monday, August 4, 2014 at 1:30pm (EST)
5. Winner will be announced on Twitter shortly after

Thank you to all participants.


Posted by anosmic on July 31, 2014

Pre-Order Anosmic EP

Pre-order for Anosmic is now available here:

The Limited Edition compact disc comes in a cardboard sleeve with artwork by Max Wright, along with photography by Sara de Souza and Harvey Naylor. Each copy is hand-numbered and will be delivered with a personal handwritten note.

The following applies to all purchases (digital or physical):

Twenty percent of proceeds will be donated to - a Canadian organization that provides strong and effective national leadership on long-term solutions to homelessness. Donation updates will be made periodically at

Thanks in advance for your gigantic hearts.


Posted by anosmic on July 28, 2014

Anosmic EP

I'm beyond thrilled to announce that I'll be releasing my debut EP, Anosmic, on August 8th, 2014 at 8:00pm (EDT). I recorded and produced it myself at my very own studio, The Castle, between September 2013 and March 2014. It will be available for purchase in some form. More details on that soon.

The cover artwork features an art piece entitled Fossil 1, by my brother, Max Wright.

The first track, Consciousness, is available to stream and download free, here:

I'm looking forward to sharing the rest with you.


Posted by anosmic on June 23, 2014

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